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Trick or Treat

Posted in Hype on Friday October 24 2008 @ 6:15pm

Mapping your trick-or-treat route? Add these courthouse areas to your itinerary:

  • Upshur County Courthouse Square: The Gilmer (Texas) Police Department hosts a goodie-fest, concessions, and DNA booth (great for mummies!)

  • Courthouse Square, Newark, Ohio (Thursday): A "safe alternative to traditional Beggars' Night activities" is offered by local civic groups. Beggars' Night, according to Wikipedia (see link), is the same as trick-or-treating. According to court-o-rama's mama, it is the day before Halloween, when kids go door-to-door collecting money (for themselves, not for UNICEF!)

  • Bedford, Indiana: Trunk or Treat sounds like a fun event. People decorate their cars, pull up around the courthouse square, pop their trunk, and hand out treats. Beats walking house to house (especially if you live in the country), and the festive cars sound cool.

  • Downtown Moultrie, Georgia: Beginning at 4 p.m. on Halloween, kids in disguise can go to the courthouse square for trick-or-treating and a costume contest. (Yay, Moultrie!)

There are many more such events -- check your local listings. Further proof that courthouse squares are still centers of the community!

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